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Best ASVAB Study Guide Online 2017. We’re here to show you how to get a high score on the ASVAB Test. There are many reasons why you should aim for the highest score possible on on the Official ASVAB Exam.

ASVAB stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. The ASVAB is a test that all people who plan on joining the military must pass. The military uses ASVAB scores determine a person’s knowledge & skills for a variety of subjects. Each job in the Military has a minimum ASVAB test score requirement.

Those with higher ASVAB test scores will qualify for higher ranking jobs in the military. There are many steps you can take to receive a higher score on a test. A couple basic things you can do is take a practice test & use the best test study guide possible.

ASVAB Test Scores Effect Military Job Qualifications & Ranking

ASVAB Test Score results are used as an extremely important factor for military job qualifications.

Due to the importance of the ASVAB exam, all potential candidates should practice for the test as much as possible before attempting it. Once the test is complete and the results are given, the Military candidate will proceed with his/her job qualifications.

The higher you score on you ASVAB exam, the more jobs you’ll qualify for in the Military. Get the best ASVAB study guide online 2017 to help you get a high score.

Don't just pass. Do your best.

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ASVAB Information & Military Importance

The ASVAB is a multiple choice test. It is broken down into eight individual sections that are tested separately. The scores of all 8 sections will then add up to the total ASVAB test score.
Your Total ASVAB Test Score will be determined by adding up the scores of each individual section together.
The totals of the 8 separate sections of the ASVAB add up to your main Total ASVAB score. The test is timed and you have two and a half hours to complete it.
Branches of the military have different job ranking qualifications based off test scores. There are many different ASVAB test score requirements for Military job positions.
ASVAB requirements for military positions are ranked differently for every separate military job. Accordingly, your grade will make a big difference on your military position qualifications.The higher you score, the more jobs and options you’ll qualify for.

ASVAB Test Sections

The Official ASVAB Exam Sections:

    • General Science
        – 25 Questions: of life, earth, and physical sciences.
    • Arithmetic Reasoning
        – 30 Questions: involving basic math.
    • Word Knowledge
        – 35 Questions: on vocabulary and synonyms.
    • Paragraph Comprehension
        – 15 Questions: testing your reading and comprehension skills.
    • Mathematics Knowledge
        – 25 Questions: on math concepts and how to use them.
    • Electronics Information
        – 20 Questions: on basic electronic principles.
    • Auto and Shop Information
        – 25 Questions: about cars, both maintaining and repairing them, and working with wood and metal.
    • Mechanical Comprehension
        – 25 Questions: on the properties of different materials, and mechanical principles.

Each Test Section Matters

Don't just pass. Do your best.

Your ASVAB test score will be a huge determining factor in what military jobs you qualify for. The effects of your ASVAB score will be felt for your entire military career.

All those who wish to enlist in the Military should train as hard as possible for the ASVAB exam! Each job in the Military has a minimum ASVAB test score requirement. Higher ASVAB test scores qualify for higher ranking positions in the Military. Do your best on the ASVAB and get a better job in the Military!

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